Laser target pointer attaches to tactical light

Visible and / or infrared laser pointer fits Sure Fire 6P; 9P tactical light or similar

This laser system can be fitted at any time to the tactical light. The laser beam is adjustable horizontally and vertically and provides a shock stable laser beam. The output power is factory set to meet the requirement of short or long range targeting.

The tactical advantages of this system are numerous. The red laser will provide an accurate point within the flashlight beam. When the bearer is using night vision equipment the infrared laser can be used for illumination or target pointing. The laser can be used to determine where the light beam is going to point if the tactical light is used for blinding, thus securing best possible effectiveness.

The laser is fitted directly between the battery housing and the reflector of the flashlight. No additional mounting device is required to attach the laser on the weapon. No separate battery is needed as the flashlight own batteries provide ample power. The laser works equally well when the flashlight is hand held. Laser activation is by push button or remote trigger. The Laser operates whether the flashlight is on or off. All components of the flashlight remain unaltered and once the laser is removed, the tactical light is returned to its original configuration. Because the laser is in its own housing, failure of the flashlight bulb keeps the laser operational.

Available with one laser only or with two lasers. Lasers are available with visible red beam or with invisible infrared beam or as infrared illumination laser.