Medical Coaches recently delivered two (2) custom-built Mobile Edit Suites to All Mobile Video of New York, NY. The trailers are designed to provide on board facilities for editing concerts and shows for television transmission from the event, allowing sponsors and producers the opportunity to view the finished product immediately
following the event.

The trailer interiors are finished with high-quality carpeted walls and real wood trim. A fully equipped Lounge Area is also included for sponsor viewing during an event.

The all-aluminum body, with two expandable sides, is mounted on a main-frame trailer chassis specifically designed to carry designed loads. The two expandable sides and eight-foot ceilings allow operators to function in a non-cramped atmosphere.

Since the Edit Trailer is usually the last to leave an event, a generator is mounted on the trailer to provide back-up power, if required. Fifteen tons of air conditioning from three air conditioners provides a pleasant working atmosphere in even the hottest climates.

State of the art editing, viewing and transmitting equipment were provided for by All Mobile Video. Medical Coaches insures that all equipment is properly installed and protected for mobile operation, and service access is readily available. In addition to the Mobile Edit Suites, Medical Coaches has also constructed Mobile Production Studios and Mobile Recording Studios.