Combat Protective Equipment (CPE®) has won a NAMSA tender for riot control protective equipment for use by military forces in competition with the biggest companies in the field. CPE is one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality riot control protective equipment and it is an honour to be selected to protect men and women in uniform.

The equipment is made by professionals for professionals and CPE never compromises on safety. There is more than 30 years of experience of making personal protection behind the products. The equipment has been proven in many combat situations to offer the protection needed, but at the same time is also user-friendly. All our items are designed for hard use and the maintenance has been made easy. The equipment can be machine washed.

All equipment has NSN numbers and has been in use by NATO Forces since 1999, and CPE never stops improving the line of products.

As CPE has been selected, COMMIT Partnership participating states can order equipment electronically through the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) without having to renegotiate new contracts for every order. This saves time and money and soldiers have a guarantee being equipped with high-quality and fully tested products that
are certified in accordance with valid riot standards. This contract is also available for electronic ordering by forces from PfP nations who are COMMIT Partnership participating states.

Too many police officers and soldiers are injured because of missing or low-quality protective equipment. Bad equipment often ends up with unnecessary use of force and therefore causes an escalation of the situation.

CPE now also has a new range of protective riot equipment specially made for use in high-risk military operational zones where use of hand grenades, small arms, IEDs and similar threats can and should be expected. The new
innovative products designed are ballistic and fragment protective leg and thigh guards, plus a ballistic riot shield.

Military forces normally use body armour, but the lower part of the body is not protected against the threats mentioned above.

Our R&D work never stops. New solutions will be shown at MILIPOL in Paris.