Product innovation: smart connectors
4D = three axial motions + one rotation

Nicomatic has patented a 4D floating connector, whose innovation consists in a 4D absorption tolerance, +/-1mm amplitude in three directions and a rotation around the X axis.

The new product compensates for functional gaps in the case of PCB mounting inside mechanical structures. The product is now being tested to absorb vibration constraints in a PCB mount on a shock absorber with a panel end. The 4D floating connector is available in a standard part numbering system and with a large number of possible assemblies, such as straight pc, 90°pc or smt.

There are three main applications:

  • Blind mating for rack interconnection
  • Flex interconnection in card-to-card configuration
  • Chassis mount

The new product complies with MIL-DTL-55302F.