In addition to celebrating its 45th anniversary, Otokar has been awarded a $43.2 million contract to deliver the COBRA armored wheeled tactical vehicle. Delivery is scheduled to be in 2009.

As the leading designer and exporter of military vehicles in Turkey, Otokar continues to grow in the defense industry with local and international orders. Representing the Turkish defense industry in the world arena with its well-known armored vehicle COBRA, Otokar continues to execute contracts abroad.

Stating that the user expectations are met with the most suitable solutions through research and development, general manager of Otokar, Serdar Görgüç, evaluated the contract: “The COBRA armored vehicle has become a product widely preferred in various territories by various users. Performance of the vehicle impresses its users. Therefore, countries that are already using this vehicle prefer the COBRA again on their new requirements. This situation makes us proud and shows that we are [moving] in the right direction.”

He concluded: “With its capabilities and its characteristic of providing different solutions in one platform, the COBRA proves itself, standing out amongst its competitors. The COBRA is now widely being used in many countries and positive experiences and opinions about it from these countries cause the vehicle to be accepted by the other countries.”