Major milestones in tEODor history:

  • Madrid, November 2002: the 50th tEODor goes to the Spanish Army.
  • Koblenz, July 2003: the 100th tEODor is supplied to the Bundeswehr.
  • Ostfildern, November 2005: the 200th tEODor sets out for Australia.
  • This unique success story in the world of EOD robotics continues to unfold. Virtually unchanged, the tEODor is now in its 7th year of production. In a market where competition is getting tougher all the time, tEODor remains on the cutting edge of technology, as a recent major order from the Australian Army attests. The country’s procurement authorities have ordered a total of 26 systems. Following delivery of an initial lot of four units in June, another eight will follow in November. By the way: the Australian police have followed the military’s lead, having likewise opted for tEODor.