Eye Safety Systems, Inc (ESS) has recently introduced an elite military and tactical goggle system, the Profile TurboFan™. The new model integrates the company’s patented TurboFan™ fog elimination technology with the low-profile frame design of the most widely used goggle in the US military: the ESS Profile NVG™.

The ESS TurboFan™ system relies on micro-rotor technology to draw fresh air into the goggle while exhausting humid air that could promote condensation. The effect is that the fan eliminates fogging before it starts, allowing the operator to focus 100% on the mission at hand. The fan runs at two speeds: high for maximum anti-fog and low for sustained near-silent operation. The low-profile battery case takes 2 AAA batteries, which last up to 50 hours on the low speed setting.

Designed for SWAT, Special Ops, and CQC (Close Quarter Combat), the Profile TurboFan™ excels in environments of rapid temperature fluctuation, extreme cold weather, or excessive perspiration. Product features include:

  • Hi and low fan settings to regulate fog elimination
  • High-impact 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses
  • Low profile frame design for night vision equipment compatibility
  • Fleece-lined face padding for warmth and comfort over long periods of use
  • Robust battery pack to withstand the rigors of military and tactical use
  • Lockout switch to prevent accidental activation of the fan
  • Rx insert and laser protection accessories available

ESS will continue to produce the original Striker TurboFan™, which utilizes the same fan technology in a larger frame that fits over eyeglasses. “The Striker TurboFan™ makes a lot of sense for users who wear eyeglasses, since the fan system prevents fogging on the eyeglass lenses as well as the goggle lens,” says ESS president John Dondero.