IAG is proud to announce the addition of two new armoured passenger vehicles to its product range.

The IAG armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter bus is designed for transporting a large number of personnel through high risk urban environments. The base Sprinter van from Mercedes Benz has ample interior space to accommodate custom seating for up to 13 PAX in the rear plus driver and co-driver in the front. B6 armouring is integrated in the vehicle body to protect all occupants from ballistic and explosive threats. Various vehicle components are also reinforced and upgraded to support the weight of the armouring at full capacity.

The IAG armoured Toyota Hiace passenger van is a smaller, more cost-effective alternative to the armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter for transporting personnel in urban settings. The armoured Toyota Hiace can carry up to seven PAX in the rear plus one driver and two co-drivers in the front in the passenger van configuration. The vehicle can be armoured up to the CEN B6 level to withstand multiple impacts from 7.62mmx51mm rifle ammunition while maintaining the discrete appearance of the original unarmoured Toyota Hiace.