Hybrid system with red dot sight and tactical laser
New Infrared Laser for operation in urban environments

By creating a combination of well proven elements a hybrid system was created which incorporates the advantages of a passive and an active target system in a compact and unique package. The MTB Hybrid target system consists of an Aimpoint MicroT1 red dot sight and an ILEE TwinBeam tactical Laser and is the ultimate tool to aim with ease and precision in day or night time and in any weather condition.

The Hybrid MTB is also a truly unique tool for rapid deployment forces and special police units which rely on a full battlefield illumination in the dark when active with NVG’s indoors or outdoors in an urban environment.
For use in daylight the Aimpoint MicroT1 red dot sight is used to aim at the target quickly and precisely. The Aimpoint Micro T1 passive red dot collimator reflex sight is equal in quality and use to any other Aimpoint red dot sight.

Due to the specially coated optics the operation in daylight and compatibility with NVG is ascertained
At night time when NVG’s are used, the advantages of the „Urban“ TwinBeam Laser can be fully exploited.
During night time operations the active IR laser marks the target. At the same time the high performance infrared illumination module provides full battlefield illumination. Indoors and in tunnel like structures even the furthest corners are reached.

Outdoors and in low residual light conditions the high power of the illuminator beam is intense enough to secure the lighting up of the immediate battlefield. The visibility of the aiming laser is guaranteed as the illumination module is suitable for use with lasers in eye safe settings.

To illuminate targets at longer range the TwinBeam can be fitted with a second laser in lieu of the illuminator module. This second laser is then used as an illuminator.
Both system elements have their own power supply making them fully redundant and independent in operation.

Following aiming components are fitted in the MTB hybrid system:

  • A passive red dot reflex sight with 12 dot brightness settings – 8 NVD and 8 Daylight
  • One IR laser with a power setting as per Laser 1, 2 or 3 below
  • One Infrared high power battlefield illumination module (Option laser illuminator)