ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik-GmbH is realising a mobile command post for the German Defence Ministry’s IT management office, to be used to command missions abroad of the German Air Force. Delivery of the first command post to the Federal Armed Forces is planned for the end of 2009, as part of the “mobile air force control system” programme. Two further mobile command posts for the Air Force are to be refitted and newly procured in 2010 and 2011.

This new product replaces the existing mobile air force command posts, which can no longer be enhanced to meet requirements in the field. The new generation guarantees the capabilities of companies, squadrons or divisions of the German Armed Forces during international missions, such as in Kosovo or Afghanistan.

The new system will consist of a total of 18 specifically equipped ISO containers. Each function container will contain up to four workstations with the latest IT/communications infrastructure and heating/air-conditioning technology. Added to this will be various containers with special IT and signalling equipment, equipment for a power supply and connectable “meeting containers” with video conference facilities.

The entire system will be supervised and readied for deployment by the Air Force’s information technology sector in Furstenfeldbruck. In an emergency, the containers can be transported together with all the necessary equipment by land, sea or air to the field of operations, where they can then be set up. All the workstations will be connected to each other in a network and to SatComBw, the German Federal Forces’ satellite communication system. This ensures communication between the operatives themselves, with the companies in the field of deployment and with the relevant locations in Germany or other NATO countries.

As the main contractor, ESG is responsible for the overall design of the project. The company is realising the IT infrastructure, integrating it and is also responsible for the final acceptance of the mobile command posts. Kissling Service GmbH from Koblenz have come on board as the partner responsible for procuring the containers and the electrical/mechanical equipping of the workstations.