The tactical TwinBeam is an additional development in the TwinBeam product family. It is designated for use with night vision equipment in urban or similar areas with limited fields of view, and indoor use in buildings or tunnel structures. For such tasks, the classical TwinBeam is often used and fitted with two infrared lasers.

One of the lasers was adjusted with an open beam to illuminate the immediate surrounding of the target. As two lasers are used, they are usually required to be adjusted to eye safe power settings. In some conditions, the narrow beam’s shape somewhat limits the area of illumination. The beam width of the illuminator can be increased but the light intensity, especially of a class one laser, is then strongly diminished. However, if the system power is increased, it is possible that the reflections on a short range target are so strong that they can be disturbing.

The tactical TwinBeam, fitted with one infrared laser and a high power infrared illumination module, offers a real alternative for such typically urban environments. In indoor areas and tunnel-like structures, a much better field of view reaches corners and edges that are otherwise dark. Due to the high power performance of the module, the same applies to outdoors for a field of view in excess of 100m. The use of the safe laser power setting is hardly limited as the illuminator module is designed for use with eye safe lasers.