Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) recently purchased a Reeves Incident Command Post (ICP) Trailer. The system will be used as part of JTF-CS command efforts across the country.

A subordinate of US Northern Command, JTF-CS is responsible for the command and control of Department of Defense forces during a nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological disaster anywhere within the United States and its territories.

Members of JTF-CS first became interested in the ICP earlier this year while searching for a small, mobile command center that could easily store their equipment. In March, DHS Systems representatives visited Joint Task Force’s headquarters at Fort Monroe in Virginia to allow personnel to see the command post firsthand.

“The ICP provides flexibility and a wide range of capabilities. It can be easily towed, allowing JTF-CS to use the command center for any mission, no matter its location,” says Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Business Development at DHS Systems.

Purchased in August, JTF-CS ultimately chose a Large Reeves ICP. The command post offers 214 square feet of usable space and features multiple storage compartments, as well as a console to hold any equipment needed during a disaster.

“The ICP will allow Joint Task Force Civil Support to integrate equipment they and other departments already have into a new, mobile platform,” explains Jackson.

The ICP, which will serve as an incident command center following a CBRNE event, will also be used during JTF-CS training exercises.