PILA LED now with light power of up to 250lm.

ILEE AG, the PILA distributor for PILA tactical lights and intelligent charger systems in Switzerland, introduces the newest upgrade on LED tactical lights.

The LED version power output has now been increased from an already impressive 130lm to stunning 180lm at no extra cost to the user. Additionally, a new version is on offer which further increases the output to an even greater value of 250lm, not previously available from a 6V torch.

Other PILA lights come in three sizes ranging from 6V to 12V Xenon power. The Xenon lights provide up to 550lm output power with a high-tech computer designed reflector for a uniform and shadow free illumination. The tail cap switches are available with a tactical switch, remote control switch or with white, red or green LED inserts.

PILA Li-ion rechargeable batteries and the matching intelligent charger provides autonomy from battery supplies and can be used anywhere in the world due to a set of matching plugs and 100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz connectors. A 12VDC battery connector is also available. PILA Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be used in almost any torch which uses CR123 batteries.

A further useful addition to the system is the CODEX programmable module which permits a setting of timed duty cycles, a strobe mode, pre-programmed SOS or other free programmable power settings.

PILA is Swiss engineered and designed and is manufactured to European quality standards with a significant quality advantage over other tactical lamps. Its shape which was designed with human engineering in mind has been defined by professional users as an item of satisfying beauty and ergonomic perfection. This makes PILA attractive to the distressed girl using the blinding effect of the PILA power to stun an aggressor as much as to the commando unit.