A new force in environmentally friendly, fuel cell technology has been established in the UK following the signing of a co-operation agreement between Marshall Land Systems of Cambridge, UK, and Nordic Power Systems of Hoyanger, Norway.

The new team will be focussing on delivering high quality, efficient, ruggedised and silent diesel fuel cell generators for the land and naval defence environments in the UK. Development of the generators will take place in both Norway and the UK.

Tor Geir Engebretsen, chief executive of Nordic Power Systems, commented, “We are delighted to be teaming with Marshall Land Systems as they have both the technical skills and market knowledge to help us deliver our unique power solution to the UK. This agreement is a great vote of confidence in our company and our technology.”

“Marshall Land Systems is always interested in new technologies and innovations, Nordic Power’s fuel cell generators are a very good fit with our present solutions and we see many opportunities to exploit this technology in the defence market. Not only are the generators efficient but they significantly reduce logistic costs and are an excellent match for the needs of the armed forces,” said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

He added, “This announcement is confirmation of our commitments to provide the best solutions we can for the armed forces and to meet our offset obligations in Norway and comes rapidly on the heals of our announcement of the establishment of a new office at Torp Airport in Norway.”

The fuel cell generators are based on a patented Nordic Power technology, named Cool Flame, and adapted for the demands of defence users. The generators will be capable of producing a range of power outputs to drive a wide variety of electronic equipment and provide auxiliary power units.