Zeppelin has recently delivered three Mobile Kitchen and four Decontamination Shelters to their long-term partner company Kaercher Futuretech. The kitchen modules will be supplied to the German Armed Forces while the four decontamination units will be equally distributed to the Omani and Hungarian Armed Forces.

The one-side expandable ‘VorCon’ food preparation Shelter serves for the preparation of foodstuffs before cooking, for the preparation or portioning of cold meals, and for the short-time storage of cold food before distribution.

The ‘Deco3000’ is a high-performance decontamination system for the simultaneous decontamination of material, persons, clothing, equipment and terrain. It is compact, immediately ready for operation and provides the mobile material basis for a complete decontamination site.

Zeppelin is also the Shelter supplier for another decontamination system of Kaercher Futuretech, called TEP90, of which more than 70 units are currently supplied to the German Armed Forces.