Gichner Systems Group, a Kratos Company, a world leader in the design and development of tactical shelters and containers, today announced that its Charleston Marine Containers, Inc. (CMCI) business unit in Charleston, South Carolina will be holding a limited time surplus sale of its Bicon container.

For the Months of September and October 2010, CMCI will be having a stock reduction sale of Bicon containers. The Bicon is a unique and versatile 10ft container originally developed for use by the US armed forces. The unit is configured to enable two Bicon containers to be secured together using container connectors. The resulting package has the same footprint as a standard 20ft ISO shipping container.

This two-into-one concept offers the advantages of a segregated loading pattern with the ease of handling of a standard 20ft container. The Bicon’s double-door access offers a wide range of applications beyond material transport, such as on-site storage facilities, mobile lockers or capital equipment housings.