Eye Safety Systems (ESS) announced that its industry-leading Profile NVGTM goggles will include OpFoam™ face padding as a standard feature beginning in July 2008. The introduction of ESS OpFoamTM face padding will significantly improve the contoured fit, comfort, and seal of Profile NVGTM goggles against the face. OpFoamTM was initially released on the premium ESS Profile TurboFanTM goggles in early 2007 and achieved high customer satisfaction.

“The introduction of OpFoam is a game-changing upgrade for the most popular combat goggles in the world,” said John Dondero, ESS President. “We are excited to make the Profile NVG goggles more comfortable for all our customers who could use fewer distractions from their important duties. I’m confident that we’ve delivered a padding system that works better than anything else currently on the market.”

ESS’ military and law enforcement customers operate in harsh environments, and they require goggles that can do the same. OpFoamTM face padding is constructed with proprietary tear-resistant materials designed for exceptional performance under the worst conditions. The pebbled texture of the padding adds friction to keep the goggles from slipping on the face, while the sealed skin surface prevents sand, dust, sunscreen, and oils from contaminating the foam. With gap-sealing properties in an 1/8” thickness, the face conforming design optimizes fit in a low profile package. It is also flame resistant, contains anti-fungal properties for dermal hygiene, and is easy to clean.

Listed on the US Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) and authorized by the U.S. Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, ESS Profile NVGTM goggles are the most widely-issued ballistic goggles worldwide. Profile NVGTM goggles with OpFoam meet the most rigorous test standards for ballistic goggles and are designed for maximum compatibility with helmet-mounted night vision devices. The Profile NVGTM is supported by several prescription lens carriers and is also available in an Asian Fit model.