How can geospatial data and information be used to improve security?

This is the question that is currently being pursued by a work group led by ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and commissioned by the European Union. The project is part of the European PASR programme (PASR – Preparatory Action for Security Research), which the EU Commission has initiated to provide a long-term solution for enhancing the protection of citizens. By the end of this year, the consortium headed by ESG will present a concept for ensuring the earliest possible detection of international crises having an effect on the EU.

ESG’s direction of the European project called “GEOCREW” illustrates the competence of the Munich-based system and software specialist in the field of geospatial data and image analysis. ESG’s GeoBroker® geospatial data management system, in particular, is a true success story. The software solution is used today by numerous civil and military offices and departments as well as intelligence services. GeoBroker® also plays an important role within the context of the PASR programme.

GeoBroker® is a powerful and intelligent solution for archiving, managing, researching, displaying and distributing geodata and geospatial documents. Based on an open client/server architecture under Windows 2000, the system also features a Web-based graphical information system. Currently, the system supports around 60 different data formats for image, grid, vector, elevation and point data as well as other data such as slides, videos and special maps. GeoBroker® can be easily modified to meet the needs of individual users. The system is also remarkably user friendly, making it easy even for workers with limited computer knowledge to use the system.

Typical GeoBroker® applications include the creation and administration of worldwide geospatial and image archives, the national administration of geospatial data, the preparation of geospatial data for the creation of simulation terrain databases as well as the planning and support of civil and military crisis operations.