Marshall Land Systems based in Cambridge, UK, announces today the formation of a new business. Marshall SV Norway will be the focal point of MLS’s activity in Norway.

“We are setting up Marshall SV Norway as a positive demonstration of our desire to meet the offset obligations that we have in Norway associated with our contract to supply field hospitals to the Norwegian Defence Forces, one of which is currently deployed by Norway in Chad supporting MINURCAT” said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems.

He added; “The formation of the new organisation will allow us to focus on developing our business in Norway and to help Norwegian companies to develop their presence in the export market.”

Marshall SV Norway will provide in-country support for the hospitals and co-ordinate support to deployed units including arranging training, support and maintenance to ensure that the facilities are kept to the highest levels of quality expected of medical units. Wherever possible much of this work will be contracted to Norwegian companies.

As part of its wider offset activities Marshall through Marshall Land Systems will also be partnering with other Norwegian companies to assist them in marketing their services to the UK and in some circumstances, other parts of the world. Amongst these are CSI, who manufacture deployable camp infrastructure; LENCO, a leading supplier of integration software; Nordic Power who are developing diesel fuel cells, NODIN suppliers of medical CASEVAC and MEDIVAC solutions and MRE, who develop and manufacture medical patient care solutions.

Over the coming months the company will be moving into new offices and will be recruiting staff to run the business.