Gichner Mobile Systems, a division of Gichner Systems Group and a world leader in the design and development of commercial truck and trailer bodies and containerised disaster relief products, is proud to have donated multi-purpose housing units to the Haitian disaster relief efforts.

Gichner has responded to Haiti’s earthquake by donating multi-purpose containerised housing units to several charitable, non-profit organisations. These organisations are established in the Port au Prince area and will be using the donated units to provide housing for displaced Haitians as well as clinics for emergency medical staff.

Many of those affected by this disaster are currently living in tents, tarps or are completely without shelter and have an immediate need for permanent housing. They need protection from vandalism and the elements during the imminent rainy and hurricane seasons. Gichner’s units are ideal for meeting these needs and will provide a sense of security from future disaster threats, a sense of dignity, and offer hope for the future.

Gichner’s donated containerised housing units are constructed to 20′ and 40′ ISO specifications, allowing them to easily be transported to the disaster site. The containers are pre-assembled for immediate use upon arrival in Port au Prince, Haiti. While designed for housing, these units are also ideal for clinics, offices, and operations and control centers. The shelters have windows, finished interiors and are equipped with amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens providing a long-term solution for an immediate need. Gichner’s shelters are durable, waterproof, and able to withstand high winds, unstable environments, and other disaster threats.

Due to a strong demand for additional units, Gichner Mobile Systems has developed a program for non-profit charitable organisations. Gichner is offering their disaster relief products at a reduced price to assist as many organisations as possible in their relief efforts.