ILEE introduces new JULA+ adjustable Laser Module for OEM integration.

The JULA+ Laser Module is an ideal target designator as addition to thermal or optical weapon sights. The battery powered version of the JULA laser is a further addition to a full range of products whose development is based on long experience in engineering and manufacturing of lasers ranging from pistol to military infantry rifle applications.

The JULA Laser is designed especially as an ideal addition to other targeting devices such as Thermal imaging sights, Red Dot Sights, Optical Scopes and similar.

The laser fitted can be selected from either a visible red laser or an IR laser. The laser has a wide range integrated X / Y - axis adjustment with which the beam can be set within a maximal deviation of 0.12mrad.

The power supply is from the inserted battery. The laser beam can be activated to emit in CW mode or by remote tactical trigger or direct mount push button. The module can be fitted into diameter 22mm or 18mm bore claps.

Other JULA configurations for connection to an external power supply are also readily available. Adjustments to the housing shape to suit your interface requirements can be made even for small quantity orders.