Reflecting its namesake, the Cotswolds river that provides a smooth and steady link to the Thames, Britain’s most dynamic waterway, EVENLODE is a reliable and seamless data connection terminal.

Launched recently by Enterprise Control Systems (ECS), the EVENLODE data terminal is the company’s most technologically advanced product to date. ECS has dominated the UK security sector for over ten years with a range of air-to-ground and ground-to-ground radio links based on the Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technique. The company is engineering-led and has a strong team of experienced engineers and recent graduates developing innovative system solutions through groundbreaking technological expertise. Adapted from the Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial (DVB-T) standard commonly used within the broadcast industry, ECS has optimised DVB-T COFDM for surveillance use. EVENLODE extends this capability from legacy interfaces by providing a bi-directional data terminal with Ethernet connectivity.

EVENLODE has been developed in parallel with the latest advances in sensor technology. The integration of sensors on a platform has become an important element in distributed Situation Awareness. EVENLODE allows the remote control of sensors on the platform including the standard pan, tilt, zoom of cameras to more sophisticated target selection control through an encrypted uplink interface.

EVENLODE has also been integrated and tested as part of a ground transponder egress and control system. ECS has worked as part of a consortium of companies to produce a modular and flexible system. A plug-and-play card will control and collect information from a particular company’s ground transponder. In this way, the overall system provides an open architecture interface to allow any company to be able to interface their ground transponder systems. EVENLODE provides the robust L-band data link for the system.

EVENLODE is lightweight, modular and proven for a wide range of air-to-ground, air-to-air and ground-to-ground Information Exchange Requirements (IER). The data terminal is flexible; the system may be installed as a complete, all-in-one unit for larger airframes or, split down into lighter modules for smaller UAVs. The unit may be configured and controlled via the Ethernet interface; an airframe EVENLODE data terminal may be controlled from the air or ground to provide a high data rate, close range link or a lower, more robust data link for longer range use. The system has also been developed in anticipation of the air aviation industry’s migration from traditional ARINC 429 bus network to more advanced ARINC 664 airframe bus networks. Avionics Full Duplex Ethernet (AFDX) provides high-speed data bus system for sensor information, replacing legacy video management systems. The EVENLODE data terminal also has the option of an additional input capable of interfacing with video, audio and data separate to Ethernet, through more traditional interfaces, to provide a complete and flexible solution to any data link requirement.