On 1 June military shelter contracting company DHS Systems LLC opened a new support facility (SF) for the First Infantry Division and nearby units of Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas.

The 3,200sqft facility, which includes a 2,000sqft bay area and square-acre yard for outdoor repairs and storage, will also support other customers north of the Kansas-Oklahoma border, from west of the Mississippi River to western Colorado.

Support facility manager Mark Williams and his staff will be responsible for repairs, retrofitting and demonstrations of DHS Systems’ line of deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) systems and support equipment, as well as emergency medical products offered through the company’s Reeves EMS brand. Mr Williams will also handle area business development.

The opening at Fort Riley is the latest effort made by DHS Systems to expand support across the country. Last year the company opened a regional support facility (RSF) at Fort Lewis in Dupont, Washington, to help customers in US western states, as well as Korea, Japan, Guam and the Philippines.

Additionally the company’s RSF at Fort Bragg, which is responsible for US eastern states, expanded their office earlier this year. The facility now features a classroom for equipment training and additional space for the region’s logistics team. A new depot-level work bay also allows RSF Bragg to perform maintenance on as many as three TMSS medium systems and one TMSS large system at the same time.

As the need for support of DRASH and Reeves EMS equipment grows, Mr Williams hopes SF Riley will provide customers in the Midwest with the help they need.

Mr Williams said: “The main thing I want customers to know is that we’re here and ready to support them in any way we can.”

DHS Systems support facilities are located throughout the country to assist customers, including at Fort Bliss, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Lewis, Fort Riley and Fort Stewart. Mr Williams can be reached at or at 785 537 8900.

SF Riley is located at 1616 Recreation Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66503.