Tallcoat Corporation has announced the launch of a new line of armored specialty vehicles for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets. In addition to providing advanced armor protection, the Goliath, Unit and Warden armored vehicles are versatile transport platforms that can be equipped with latest defensive capabilities and mission specific technology.

“We are pleased to bring these new vehicles to our customers. The line of vehicles includes state-of-the-art armored transports, designed from the ground up to drive on to the objective and complete the mission,” said vice president, Steven Cornelius, who is in charge of vehicle sales.

In addition to standard features, improved engine performance delivers critical added horsepower and torque to allow the vehicles to perform unhindered with the added cargo and armoring weight. Furthermore, improved suspension geometry, heavy duty springs and shocks, and solid sway bars gives the trucks and operator the confidence necessary to handle swift maneuvers in high-speed situations.

The new vehicle family consists of three different models. Goliath is a super-sized, armored utility vehicle, designed as a multi-purpose, armed response unit in urban environment, which offers off-road capabilities. Goliath is also available in an open-bed utility truck version. The Unit is designed for special mission teams on covert surveillance missions, and it is also well suited for quick reaction teams and SWAT-use. The Warden is a multi-purpose personnel transport vehicle that can be easily converted to mobile command center or mass ambulance variations.

According to Timo Koivusalo, president of Tallcoat Corporation: “The new vehicles supplement our other civilian vehicle offerings such as cash-in-transit vans and armored sedans. However, our customers who are fighting the global war on terror have special and diversified requirements, and the new vehicles are designed to increase their special operations capabilities.”