Booyco’s powerful power train, coupled with significantly enhanced ballistic protection, is set to see the Maverick internal security vehicle take the lead in internal security applications.

During design and engineering of this new internal security vehicle by the Paramount Group, extensive attention was paid to several areas including careful selection of the drive train components, the level of standard ballistic protection and the operational comfort of the crew who would be required to drive and man the vehicle.

The Paramount Group, in collaboration with Booyco Engineering, developed a climate control system for these vehicles which integrates heating and cooling of the crew compartments. Unlike other similar vehicle climate control systems, which normally incorporate cooling capabilities with a separate heater required for warmth, this internal climate control system has integral heating and cooling capabilities.

Pieter de Koning, technical director of Booyco Engineering, said: “This practical solution ensures the comfort of the crew.” The same ducting system is used for either hot or cold air, facilitating optimum comfort for those in the vehicle.

The climate control system in the Maverick is a single integrated roof-mounted unit and airflow to the interior is via insulated ducting in the cavity walls of the vehicle. The system ambient operation range is rated -32°C to +55°C at 12kW.

During the development, the air conditioning systems were tested in Booyco Engineering’s climate chamber to effectively simulate operating conditions at temperatures of 55°C, with the applicable humidity levels.

Mr de Koning said: “The relationship between humidity and temperature is critically important as it dictates what the appropriate cooling solution should be. The climate chamber has a data acquisition system that can be linked to temperature, pressure and humidity probes and all our test equipment is calibrated annually as required by ISO 9001.”

The systems are also vibration tested to military specifications at Gerotek, ensuring conformity right across the board and affording customers only the highest standards in quality assurance.

The Maverick internal security vehicle, encompassing MAN drive line components, was launched at the AAD Expo recently held in Cape Town.

Brent Baker, head systems design at the Paramount Group, explains that the group is currently developing a family of armoured, protected vehicles. The Matador and Marauder armoured vehicles, which offer both ballistic and mine protection, were launched at IDEX 2007, attracting encouraging worldwide response. Series production has now commenced.

Mr Baker says that the MAN drive line was selected to ensure optimum parts availability internationally. Users will be able to tap into the MAN logistics system and easily identify components based on the vehicle VIN number, facilitating easy access to information through this existing infrastructure.

The Maverick offers the same ballistic protection as Paramount’s Matador and Marauder mine protected armoured personnel carriers, as well as hand-grenade and anti personnel mine protection. Mr Baker said: “It provides protection against Draganov armour piercing rounds at standard configuration without any additional protection being added. It has a larger internal carrying capacity than other vehicles in its class and at this protection level it has a 5,000kg payload.”

The vehicle options include biological/chemical (BC) protection filtration and an auxiliary power unit (APU) is standard on this vehicle. The interior is reconfigurable to allow it to be equipped for personnel transportation or personnel and equipment. It can be customised for particular applications and user requirements and is configured to carry a mobile adjustable ramp system (MARS).

Mr Baker says that one of the major differentiators of the Paramount Group is its business model, whereby it has the ability not only to supply solutions but also to finance this solution. Mr Baker said: “This is particularly important in the African context as we can provide a financial solution to provide an affordable total solution. This includes the supply of vehicles and training.”

“We also encourage setting up a local capability in the customer country to assemble and fabricate the product, as opposed to operating a large facility in South Africa. These vehicles are strategic and it is important for countries to retain this type of technology themselves,” Mr Baker adds.

These factors all give the Paramount Group the flexibility to sell the customer the most appropriate solution as opposed to just a vehicle. Mr Baker said: “We offer complete technology transfer and support from the design and engineering perspective, customisation and new requirement development. It is about developing long-term relationships and transferring technology to these countries.”

Booyco Engineering has the necessary capacity and resources to undertake demanding projects such as the development of this type of climate control system and can provide quality engineering (ISO 9001:2000 accredited) due to its extensive track record in developing customised units for military vehicles.