DCD DORBYL’s Rolling Stock and Defence Division, RSD, from South Africa will exhibit at IDEX 2011 in Abu Dhabi for the first time this year. The exhibition opens on 20 February and continues to 24 February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

RSD designed and manufactured one of the world’s leading landmine detection systems known as the Chubby System and dubbed the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector, VMMD, by users from the US forces. This system has been tested in accordance with NATO standards in the USA and in France. The core of the system is the Husky which is a unique landmine detection vehicle that is blast survivable, overpass capable and field reparable. This exceptional vehicle has been combat proven in conflict situations around the world since the early 1980’s and has saved numerous lives and injuries from the results of landmine detonations. The VMMD has been acquired by the US government on a program of record and is successfully deployed in Africa, Middle East, Balkans and Asia. It has also successfully completed arduous and comprehensive testing conducted in South Africa and at the US Army’s Yuma Proving Grounds, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and the White Sands Missile Range.

On-going operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have expanded the Husky’s role beyond detecting and marking landmines. Now included are the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and Explosive Formed Penetrators (EFP’s) and the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). What makes the Husky unique, especially when compared to other mine detection systems is its ability to pass over pressure fused anti-vehicle landmines without detonating them. In the event of a detonation, the components have been engineered in a unique modular configuration and will break apart in a predictable fashion. This facilitates quick in-field repairs, and any damage to the system can usually be repaired in the field increasing the uptime and system durability. The system clears a path 3m wide travelling at speeds between 15 and 50 km/h depending on the nature of the terrain

Supplementary to the VMMD, the Mountain Lion is a versatile armoured utility vehicle able to fulfil multiple roles on the battlefield. Engineered for demandingly high payload while ensuring crew survivability, the Mountain Lion enhances the mobility of combat forces and extends expeditionary capabilities. The Mountain Lion is ideally suited for peacekeeping, peace enforcement and policing type operations. The vehicles unique design incorporates a single piece (monocoque) v-shaped armoured hull. This ensures maximum protection from blast threats and offers superb ballistic protection against conventional ammunition and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Enclosure of all sub-systems within the hull ensures better protection of the critical components. The vehicle can carry a crew of up to 2 plus 8 soldiers complete with their kit and special equipment for at least a 48 hour combat mission. Tactical mobility and crew comfort is achieved through the combination of a powerful 300 hp engine coupled with a six speed automatic transmission, double wishbone, fully independent suspension and coil springs which have been integrated with Semi Active Dampers. The Mountain Lion is equipped with the unique Four Wheel Steer (4WS) system that has been combat proven on the Husky VMMD. This dramatically reduces the turning circle enhancing the Mountain Lion’s mobility in close terrain and urban areas. The vehicle is fitted with an air conditioner as well as a diesel heater, allowing crews to operate in arctic and desert environments. Combat proven blast attenuating seats and energy absorbing floor panels further enhance crew protection and ride comfort.