Robust and sturdy air-conditioner for residential containers

(NSN – 412022-127-0095 and 5340-22-127-0096)

Air conditioning becomes a necessity in more and more situations where personnel must operate in high temperature locations.

For this purpose A/S Dantherm has developed a robust and sturdy air-conditioning unit, AC-M 3, to be built into container windows. The typical installation is in containers, which are being used as offices, for residential purposes and other similar applications.

In the design and construction efforts have been made to create a unit, which will endure the harsh and rough conditions in which such units often will be required to work. The cabinet is manufactured from hot galvanized and powder lacquered sheet metal. The R134 refrigerant being used will produce cooling at ambient temperatures of + 55oC.

The AC-M 3 is built into a trap door system that can be bolted and padlocked from the inside, which secures the unit during transportation and against theft. When the unit is in operation, the trap door is open and serves as protection against rain and extreme sun.

Users of the AC-M 3 experience a high degree of comfort combined with ease of use and a very simple maintenance.

A/S Dantherm’s AC-M 3 air conditioner will be displayed at EUROSATORY 2002 on A/S Dantherm’s outdoor stand. You will find us on stand number W18.