Fischer Panda CAPS is a highly sophisticated combined air-conditioner and power system for container-based applications requiring electrical power, advanced ECU heating and air-conditioning capabilities. By fully utilising performance, management and self testing features, the CAPS can maintain an optimal environment for sensitive electronic equipment and personnel to operate in.


An innovative coupling of generator cooling and ECU system can supply heat from three different sources: heat as “by product” from the generator cooling system, integrated diesel heating and heat produced electrically. The ECU has a cooling capacity of 2x8kW.

Active performance management

Active performance management adjusts the air condition output depending on the altitude. This will ensure full electrical supply of the shelter. Electrical systems are supplied by a 24kW generator via multiple electrical outlets with isolation transformer protection. Upon loss grid power, the generator is automatically started and the supply switched to the generator. This can also be done manually.

Advanced ‘built-in’ test equipment

The CAPS system is designed for command units maintaining a heightened “battle readiness” and who are expecting disruption or total loss of the mains power grid. During periods of inactivity, the system can start and automatically accomplish system tests to ensure functioning correctly.