Land Rover is strengthening its range of specialised defence vehicles with the introduction of a new version of its Defender FFR (Fitted for Radio) model.

The Defender FFR has been comprehensively updated to provide modern defence forces with a flexible and highly-mobile platform for a range of Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4i) roles.

The new product combines an upgraded dual-voltage power supply and full electrical suppression with the acclaimed all-terrain performance of the Land Rover Defender. It is capable of transporting sensitive electronic equipment safely through challenging conditions in support of C4i operations, and is also effective as a carrier of electronic surveillance and electronic counter-measures technology.

“Military commanders can realise a tactical advantage by using the latest Defender FFR as the basis for their communications function,” says Terry Hill, Director of Global Direct Sales. “With its powerful new electrical system and full vehicle suppression the Defender FFR can help ensure that sophisticated in-theatre C4i technology delivers it full potential, even when operating in the most arduous terrain.”

Upgraded power supply

To support the power demands of the latest electronic equipment, the new Defender FFR features a new electrical architecture with a dual 12V/24V power supply, replacing the 24V system of the previous model. The total output is raised from 100 amps to 280 amps, enabling a significant increase in the amount of C4i equipment that can be operated.

Two high-output 12V glass mat, air-transportable military specification batteries are fitted, giving improved engine cranking at lower temperatures. The batteries are now stowed under the rear floor, releasing extra space in rear body for equipment.

All of the Defender FFR’s electrical systems are fully suppressed in accordance with the most stringent test standards (including Def Stan 59-411 Class A and Mil Std 461F), enabling C4i equipment to be installed without further suppression work.

The operational performance of the Defender FFR is further enhanced by the standardisation of a heavy duty 3500kg chassis, providing improved payload capability, and the fitment of a new 90kW 2.4-litre diesel engine which offers over 35 percent more torque than the previous model.

Additional improvements include a more spacious and efficient driving environment with a new ergonomic dashboard design, and a foldable forward-facing radio operator’s seat with integral headrest and 3-point safety belt for improved comfort and safety.