Plasan is showing three new vehicles at Eurosatory in Paris from Monday 11 to Friday 15 June. Two are all new, and one is making its European debut having been unveiled at Expo Seguridad in Mexico in April this year.


Hyrax is a new light armoured all-terrain vehicle, based on the class-leading Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen chassis. With Plasan modular armour the vehicle can be configured with EN1522 B6, B7 or Stanag Level 1 or 2 protection all around. A powerful and reliable 183HP Mercedes-Benz Turbo-Diesel V6 engine ensures that this 4.8t (GVW) 4×4 vehicle is agile and manoeuverable both on and off road. The three or five-door body can comfortably accommodate up to six fully equipped occupants through multiple seating configurations, and compliant with Mil-Std-1472G ergonomic requirements. Allowing more than 800kg payload it is sure to safely carry all of the equipment that your forces need with them for their mission. The interior is trimmed to the high standards expected of a Plasan product yet the whole package is designed for low cost of operation over the long life of this quality vehicle. Built with Plasan’s patented Kitted Hull modular architecture, Hyrax brings the battle-proven technology of tens of thousands of MRAPs and SandCats to the 4t weight category. There is no longer any reason to settle for anything less than a Plasan armoured patrol car on an industry-leading Mercedes-Benz chassis.


Yagu is a whole new concept of protected paramilitary chase vehicle. Aimed primarily at use for border protection, counter-terrorism, and anti-trafficking missions, it is based on a commercial but upgraded Arctic Cat Wildcat. Carrying a crew of three (driver, commander / navigator, plus gunner), it can be fitted with an optional remote-controlled weapon, operated safely from inside. The crew are protected against AK47 fire all around in a fully composite body built with innovative new technologies that keep the weight right down, as well as allowing new styling possibilities that have been exploited to create a unique and striking design.

Even with air-conditioning and a generator for extra electrical power for additional equipment, it still comes in under 1.5t which is unprecedented for a vehicle with this protection level. The 95bhp engine gives it a power-to-weight ratio of more than 60bhp/tonne; twice what can normally be expected from an armoured vehicle. This makes it phenomenally agile both off-road and in the tight urban environments that the target customers operate in. Another optional extra is a fully integrated hardened drone that can automatically follow overhead and feed a birds-eye view of the territory directly to the Yagu, allowing the driver to see over the next hump or around the bend or to generally see where his target is. This drone can also be tethered for long-term surveillance duties.

Yagu closes the triangle between agility, protection, and firepower, completely changing the balance of power against smuggling gangs and border terror.

4th Generation SandCat, and introducing the new M-LPV variant The Newest Original

First launched in 2005, the SandCat has evolved into a broad Family of Vehicles, fielded in more than 16 countries across five continents. Well-regarded, and with a proven field-tested reputation for reliability, durability, safety, and mission flexibility, the Plasan SandCat has become the global standard which other light armoured vehicles strive to achieve.

Increased Mine Protection

Now joining the range is the all-new M-LPV (Mine-resistant Light Patrol Vehicle) model, the first new vehicle based on Plasan’s 4th generation SandCat architecture. The new floor design achieves a higher level of underbody mine protection without paying the usual price in weight and height. The M-LPV maintains the SandCat’s compact dimensions, easy access five-door design, and sub-10t GVW while adding Stanag 2a/2b mine protection for all eight occupants.


Peripheral protection is modular and can be configured between Stanag 2 and Stanag 3 (or equivalent) subject to payload requirements. Six firing ports permit the crew to fire their weapons from the safety of the protected cabin and the interior is designed to accommodate many different communications systems and other equipment. Two-zone air-conditioning is standard and options include an independent heater, NBC filtration, Fire-Suppression Systems, situational awareness systems and either manual or remote-controlled roof-mounted weapons.


The high attention to detail in design and ergonomics that is a trademark of the SandCat is of course continued on the new M-LPV. The classic SandCat look has been updated and now offers more opportunity for localised customisation. New heavy-duty door-handles open the doors with an ease unheard of on armoured vehicles. Inside, dual combat-locks ensure that the doors stay safely closed, even after a blast event. Floating floors, footpads, and eight Energy Attenuating (EA) blast seats protect the occupants and even more importantly keep them comfortable over long missions. The SandCat’s distinctive glass shapes are optimised for field of view and light weight. In fact, the entire design is the result of optimising geometry and materials to maximise space, payload, and protection, and minimise weight. The interior is well-insulated and spacious, designed specifically to accept integration of any equipment a user could need.

Low Cost of Operation

By using commercial components where possible, the SandCat M-LPV offers capabilities usually reserved for very expensive military vehicles in a cost-effective package that has a well-proven reliable drivetrain, easily serviceable and with global support. Plasan can provide a full ILS package, providing training for users and technicians, and supporting the fleet locally. Other options include onboard diagnostics, digital user manual, and repair guides built in to a touchscreen mounted in front of the commander. This unique Plasan feature can be combined with the optional DaPH (Data and Power Hub) that coordinates and centralises control of all systems on the vehicle, easing deep integration of all sensors and equipment.

The SandCat has built its reputation on quality, protection, design, and operational ability. Often imitated but never equalled, only SandCats built by Plasan or licensed local assemblers can guarantee these qualities. The SandCat M-LPV builds on the heritage of the only original SandCat. More than ever, the SandCat gets you to your mission, and brings you safely home.