Plasan has vast experience as a global supplier of Armored Vehicles for Police and Homeland security (HLS) missions.

With a range that fulfills every need from the lightest covert armored vehicles, right up to the largest truck-based Armored Riot Control Vehicles, Plasan can answer the requirements of any local security services.

A new online catalogue lays out the full range of vehicles available as turnkey products from Plasan or for local assembly, including the well-known industry standard SandCat, now in its 4th generation and the larger StormRider model.

Also new, fitting above a 4.5Ton Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis, is the Hyrax which combines Plasan high standard of protection and finish with the proven reliability and durability of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis to create a quality cost-effective light patrol vehicle.

A new member of Plasan armored vehicle family is the Mk-T, based on the durable Ford F550 chassis, answers the need for a cost effective product with high capabilities, protecting up to 11 people at B6 or B7 protection level including protection against armor-piercing 7.62 rounds.

The Mk-T doesn’t compromise on space, and is available in either a 3 or 5 door configurations for personnel transport or use as an ambulance or command center; Mk-T is ideal for urban missions and homeland security.

Another new offering is the compact 4t IBEX, developed by Plasan Reem on an upgraded Toyota Hilux chassis.

With a seating for 5 and STANAG II protection, IBEX is a Police vehicle for daily use or patrol duties, armed response, and operations against well-armed criminals, such as narcotics or terror groups.

Also from Plasan Reem is the armored Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Entirely covert from the outside, the armored Sprinter can be put to many uses, transporting people, as an ambulance, for surveillance or command operations, or other internal security missions.

In its new online catalogue, Plasan is also offering our close cooperation with BAT, a world leader in crowd-control solutions, to offer BAT’s RCU range of riot control vehicles (RCV) with the advanced computer-controlled Jet Pulse System for safe crowd dispersal.

All of these mission oriented vehicles can be integrated with a host of additional systems and supplied and supported by Plasan around the world as ready-to-deploy turnkey products.

Police and homeland security services can get the full benefits of Plasan’s renowned capabilities in armored vehicles, in products designed for local use amongst civilian populations.