Each electronic device needs one or more PCBs, regardless of applications field and destination sector, from industrial to domestic sector, from automotive to medical sector, from avionics to railways, to renewal energy, to telecoms and many other sectors.

Each sector has specific regulation requirements and each application field presents different technical necessities.

For this reason it is crucial to know not only regulations and be qualified in each industrial sector, but also to be able to answer practically to technical requirements, typical of each different application.

What makes Cistelaier a “unique” PCBs manufacturer, is to be accredited for the following sectors:

  • Industrial: ISO 9001:2015
  • Aerospace & Defence: UNI EN 9100:2016
  • Automotive: IATF:2016
  • Medical: ISO 13485
  • Railway: ISO/TS 22163

and to handle the following standards:

  • IPC-A-600, class 2, 3 or class 3DS(A)
  • IPC 6012 (Rigid), IPC 6013 (Rigid-Flex), IPC 6016 (HDI) and IPC 6018 (Microwave)
  • MIL-P-55110 (Rigid) and MIL-P-50884 (Rigid-Flex)
  • ESA-ECSS – Q – ST – 70 – 10C / 11C / 12C
  • ESA-ECSS – Q – ST – 70 – 60C

that are are the basis of design and manufacturing of each electronic device.

This is the necessary premise to be able to realize PCBs in each sector.

Then, practically, electronic devices performances could be improved starting from the base materials choice.

The more-than-40-years know-how of production, together with its capability to use different materials to satisfy the more different requirements, allows Cistelaier to supply optimized PCBs for each possible application.

We can support our partners to reach the best performances from their electronic devices in each sector, for each application.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians are at your disposal.