In military operations, reliable and robust communication systems are critical to mission success. These systems are highly dependent on advanced cabling solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and meet stringent performance criteria. To meet these requirements, the assembled ODU AMC® connectors are used in conjunction with PUR (polyurethane) cables.

ODU AMC® connectors: The ideal choice

ODU AMC® connectors are the ideal choice for military applications. These connectors were developed specifically for military and security applications. They are characterised by their high performance, reliability and versatility. Robust construction and the use of resistant materials enable them to withstand even extreme environmental conditions. These include, for example, temperature fluctuations, shocks, vibrations and contact with oils and other substances. In combination with suitable cables, secure connections are created that guarantee error-free military communication.

The extensive ODU AMC® connector portfolio also offers a wide range of configuration options. This allows customised solutions to be realised for specific application requirements.

The crucial role of PUR coated cables in military cabling solutions

PUR insulated cables play a critical role in our military cabling solutions for several reasons. They offer exceptional temperature resistance and are ideal for environments with extreme temperature fluctuations. These range from -40 °C to +80 °C in motion or even higher values at rest. In addition, PUR cables have very good resistance to a wide range of aggressive substances, such as chemicals and oils. The cables are exposed to extreme conditions due to rough handling and regular equipment transportation in a military environment. The robust properties of the PUR sheathing help protect the cables

from physical damage. This protection ensures that the cables remain functional as well as long-lasting. They remain flexible even at low temperatures, making them ideal for applications where the cable needs to be moved or coiled. Cables are often exposed to direct sunlight, so conventional cables can degrade over time. The PUR sheathing is UV resistant, which prevents damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight and increases the life of the cables.

Robust properties for protection and durability

The ruggedness, durability and flexibility are guarantors for maintaining the performance integrity of ODU cables, regardless of the environmental conditions to which they are exposed in military use. ODU AMC® terminated connectors with PUR jacketed cables offer a state-of-the-art approach to meet the most demanding requirements of the military market.