ABEILLON presents our latest advancement map lights : a technical waterproof LED lamps destined for not only card reading, but also for the use of tools in confinement and difficult working conditions. They are installed for use on cockpits of tanks, armored cars, flying machines, ships of all kinds, which are required to work in all types of thermal configurations, day and night, all over the planet.

In addition, the specifications for these lamps include an essential aspect that ABEILLON masters perfectly: compatibility with the use of night vision binoculars (NVIS) and other equipments which allows one to see in total darkness.

Imagine the convenience of card readers’ users needed to navigate, with the simultaneous use of thermal imaging cameras or prescription glasses for night driving or close combat on a strategic field of operations! The comfort of using military binoculars within the constrained framework of a war machine guarantees the safety of men on the ground.

What is night vision?

Night vision, in an atmospheric or geographical context (cellars, attics, undergrounds, trenches, caches) very dark requires a good understanding of the components of light and their interaction with the human eye.

What is captured by the human eye, with or without a suitable device (night vision goggles, for instance), is the energy lost or returned by a heated or an inert object.

In fact, the natural mechanism of rotation of the atoms of any object releases photons in the thermal infrared (I.R) spectrum. This wavelength differs depending on the heat given off by the heated object. Heavily heated objects (imagine a forge or a glass factory) emit light in a spectrum ranging from red to orange, yellow, blue and finally white.

In night vision, thermal imaging uses a small amount of infrared radiation to work. Therefore, light is the result of a more or less strong source of heat, a quantity of visible energy depending on its wavelength and on which interacts with the retina.

Passive night vision binoculars

Some night vision binoculars, best known for military purposes – given their difficulty to pursue in terms of technological capability and their price, are formidable amplifiers of the ambient light present on the field of operations. The slightest lunar or stellar glow is enough to illuminate the entire terrain on which combatants are equipped with this type of instrument.

Active Night Vision Binoculars

This type of material, rather civilian for security reasons, illuminates the surrounding landscape with an infrared beam. This technology is used by manufacturers of electronic equipment destined for the general public (for remote controls for example). Active vision allows you to see objects by reflection. They are most often amplified to make the best use of residual light.

The use of night vision for civilians

Wildlife viewing in the wild has made the most of this technology. The most discreet wildlife, which lives at night, became difficult to count and protect.

Bird watchers and other rare feline specialists took it upon themselves to place waterproof “spy” cameras on the movements of wild animals who are active during the night. This allows us to better understand their habits and health state.

However, using a pair of binoculars to see in the dark is common among theaters’ lovers, hunting, night fishing, hiking, wildlife photographers and other archaeologists or speleologists. In different circumstances, this technology is used in the field of security with surveillance cameras.

ABEILLON offers technology adapted to military night vision.

The map lights compatible with military night vision designed and built by the company ABEILLON attain ultra-technical specifications. Indeed, every detail of the equipment is tailored to develop tools in order to preserve the safety of personnel in case of immediate and constant danger.

The military, using its lamps compliant with night vision, is designed to offer high reliability of the equipment, as well as its technical possibilities.

These map lights, present in all types of armored military vehicles, in aircraft, in marine surface vessels, are an effective tool comprising various control devices including, for example: button which allow switching from lighting with white LED to lighting with green or red LED (which vary depending on the country’s armed force’s operational requirements) and a brightness adjustment device.

Military Night Vision Compatibility

ABEILLON has specifically worked on the compatibility of its LED technology to make it perfectly suitable with the use of military night vision devices. The latest LED’s generation gives all the assets needed for precise and optimal lighting without loss of luminosity. This makes it possible to perfectly target lighting areas with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. In addition, this technology does not diffuse heat nor UV, which makes them comfortable in confined spaces, for a better working environment.