In the demanding realm of military logistics, reliable supplies to the frontlines are paramount. It’s the lifeline of military mission success. Hiab’s latest innovation, the MULTILIFT Talon, stands at the forefront of this critical mission, redefining container handling under the harshest conditions without sacrificing flatrack performance.

Developed from battle-proven technology, the MULTILIFT Talon represents the new generation of Military Load Handling Systems. This in-cabin powerhouse combines the robust functionality of in-service products with cutting-edge advancements in automation and technology, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of modern military operations.

FASTER: The MULTILIFT Talon excels in speed and efficiency. Configuration changes between flatrack and container modes are performed automatically from within the cab, significantly reducing cycle times. With automatic functions and high-speed features, the operational tempo is dramatically increased, ensuring supplies are delivered swiftly and effectively.

SMARTER: At the heart of the MULTILIFT Talon is its smart, user-friendly Human Machine Interface. Designed to be operated by a single person, this system empowers the driver with full control. The integrated MULTILIFT HiVision system provides operator assistance, enabling quick and efficient loading and unloading. The innovative liftframe design enhances performance in challenging conditions, such as dealing with roll, pitch, and yaw and lifting partially submerged containers. The unique rear assembly design allows the handling of a wide variety of flatracks without any performance degradation, showcasing its versatility.

SAFER: Safety is a critical element within military logistics, and the MULTILIFT Talon excels in this aspect. All routine operations, including configuration changes between flat rack and container modes, are conducted from within the cab, eliminating the need for external manual intervention in a hostile environment. This feature not only enhances operator safety but also streamlines operations. The system ensures automatic locking to the ISO container and uses the four front or rear corner castings for loading and unloading. It also locks ISO containers and flatracks automatically for transport to the vehicle, further enhancing safety and reliability.

The MULTILIFT Talon is a game-changer in military logistics. Combining speed, intelligence, and all operations from within the cab ensures that the delivery of supplies is as efficient and secure as possible, even in the most challenging operating conditions. This innovation by Hiab is set to redefine how military logistics are conducted, providing a robust, reliable solution that meets the highest standards of performance and safety.