The new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has been revealed! This will mean the start of a potentially intensive period of development, testing and certification for you. TSS will again be your partner during this period. We are ready for the future and, when it comes to mobility, we are happy to make your life easier.

What can we do for you?

Wheel Assemblies

We can also supply our reliable certified Heavy Duty wheel combinations for the TLC 300, obviously in combination with our trusted BPX run-flat systems, which have been tested according to the FINABEL standard (100 km run-flat performance). More info to follow!


In conjunction with MOV’IT, we have worked hard to develop our Heavy Duty brake systems. These systems will soon also be available for the armoured Toyota LC 300 and have been developed especially for armoured vehicles and the changes in weight distribution.

Self-sealing fuel tanks

This process takes place entirely in-house, allowing us to quickly make changes to the design and safety levels and thus save on weight. That is why we are also your partner for protected fuel tanks!


In conjunction with our partner, JRZ Suspension Engineering, we can offer you a hundred percent Dutch quality and provide full support, as well as electronic suspension, should you wish. This unique collaboration enables us to adapt quickly and adjust our shock absorbers in line with the comfort and performance level you are looking for!


The Skydex shock absorbing floor mats offer a lightweight solution to absorb the energy released from an explosion under the vehicle, thus protecting passengers and saving on weight. We are proud to be the official Skydex distributor and look forward to working with you to find the ideal solution for your design. Together with our engineers, we can also help you on the way to certification. Another option is to set up a computer simulation to calculate various effects. May we help you to devise solutions?

B&G Electronics

High-performance intercom systems for armoured vehicles provide clear and safe two-way communication. We also have battery monitoring systems so that you can check whether your battery is still in good condition before you leave and avoid any unpleasant surprises en route. When investing in mobility, a battery monitor is essential.

Quality and Service

Quality and Service remain our top priority and we make no concessions in this regard. If you have any specific wishes or questions, please let us know! We are and will remain your mobility partner and look forward to a new phase in this industry. On behalf of the complete TSS International team we wish you good luck and hope to talk to you soon! We are still working on a number of innovations and will of course share them with you as soon as possible.