Conflicts around the world have created demand for CBRNergetics’ medical packs, trauma kits, and IFAK.

Providing equipment that saves lives and prevents injury is a major responsibility. We produce bespoke medical trauma packs that meet trauma needs for troops in the field.

Hazardous missions such as EOD, IEDD, and C-IED require medical and trauma equipment that can save lives in the event of a casualty. CBRNergetics have created a series of medical kits that can be rapidly employed by forces executing these challenging missions.

United Nations (UNOPS) forces have diverse requirements at their varied locations. We have created bespoke medical packs, trauma kits, and individual first aid kits (IFAK) to meet demanding requirements of UN Forces.

CBRNergetics UN Level 2+ Trauma Kits are currently being deployed with UNOPS personnel.

We continue to display dynamism and versatility by developing new and innovative products that enable military and police forces to achieve operational results.