Medical Coaches recently delivered the first US Certified Siemens SOMATOM® Definition AS 64-Slice SOMATOM Trailer. The customer was United Imaging Services based in Virginia.

President of Medical Coaches Geoffrey Smith said his company had to pass a very intense certification process with Siemens engineers. Medical Coaches is currently the only certified Mobile Siemens SOMATOM® Definition AS 64-Slice manufacturer in the US.

Medical Coaches’ custom trailer platform has consistently passed rigorous testing for ‘site-to-site’ CT alignment that demands less than or equal to .002 inches of deflection per Medical Coaches’ vice president of engineering, Richard Mattice. Shock and vibration, electrical, ergonomics, and gantry mount testing were also part of the certification process.

Both Siemens and United Imaging Services are excited about putting this versatile mobile CT system into operation.