This match consists of a main composition on top of which a small amount safety match composition is added to facilitate ignition. When struck the tip of the match flames and ignites the main composition, which burns red hot without a flame, evolving only smoke for the total composition length.

Fusee matches are primarily used in military applications for the lighting of fuses, but are also used by fire departments and bomb disposal teams. CBRNergetics Ltd can pack them in boxes based on customer requirement and can export them around the world.


Outer Packaging: Fibreboard Box w/ Commercial Markings suitable for ADR/RID/IATA/IMDG transport Inner Packaging: Appropriate inner and void packing for

IATA Transport Primary Packing: 10 x Matches per Plastic Container. Two (2) Strike surfaces per Container: One (1) on top of threaded plastic cap & One (1) on bottom of container.