SKYDEX, a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, today announced that the company has partnered with TSS International, a world leader in vehicle protection solutions, to revolutionise how armored vehicle manufacturers are designing for blast protection.

In an effort to elevate existing vehicle protection standards, TSS and SKYDEX have joined forces to continue to improve the safety of armored vehicle platforms and offer the most advanced protection solutions in the industry. With a range of products that offer protection based on both specific vehicle design and various threat levels, and the ability to gain insights into how the vehicle and system will respond in a blast event, this partnership will change how vehicle manufacturers approach vehicle design from the beginning.

“SKYDEX has a range of solutions that provide blast impact protection and we’re honored to partner with TSS to take our designs to another level for the armored vehicle community,” said Alvaro Vaselli, President and CEO of SKYDEX. “With more than 20 years of experience protecting people and solving unique challenges for the military, SKYDEX understands that blast protection is critical for all vehicle platforms. Our advanced materials are engineered to reduce the risk of injury and in collaboration with a leader in vehicle protection solutions like TSS – we’ll continue to save lives.”

“We’re proud to collaborate with SKYDEX on revolutionizing blast protection,” said Louis Huijzen, Managing Director of TSS. “The numbers are startling and 81% of all soldier injuries were related to under-vehicle IED blasts and have typically been lower leg injuries. Between our sophisticated evaluation and modelling service and SKYDEX’s incredible technologies, we are now ensuring that armored platforms are doing more to protect occupants.”

The combined expertise of SKYDEX and TSS will serve as a valuable asset to the defense and armored vehicle community, as together they will continue to strive toward more advanced research methods, varying protection standards, and ensuring the well-being of vehicle occupants.


Founded in 2001 and based in Centennial, Colorado, SKYDEX is a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions. From armored vehicles to bomb suits, helmets and body protection, running shoes and wall padding for baseball fields, SKYDEX is driven by a single purpose: “Protecting People and Things That Matter.” With technical expertise and proprietary geometries, advanced SKYDEX materials are used to protect hundreds of thousands of lives across a wide range of applications, such as vehicle protection, marine performance, sports protection, blast and ballistics, work wear/PPE, electronics and more. Backed by a passionate team of engineers and incredible technologies, SKYDEX solutions outperform traditional materials.

About TSS

TSS International B.V. is an ISO9001:2015-certified family business, focused on delivering mobility solutions for (armoured) specialty vehicles. Since its first deliveries of runflat inserts to OEMs in the 1980s, it has broadened its product portfolio over the years by adding protected fuel tanks, heavy duty wheels, vehicle intercoms & emergency lighting and central tyre inflation systems.

From its base in the Netherlands, TSS supplies its products to vehicle converters and armourers all over the world. TSS seeks to add value through its expertise and by tailoring solutions to keep vehicles moving under the toughest of conditions.

TSS International B.V. is proud to have SKYDEX in its product range and further improve the survival chances of police, special forces, peace keeping missions and humanitarian aid organizations worldwide.