Nortac Defence is proud to launch another successful integration project. We welcome BlueSky Network’s HawkEye 5500 (HE5500) to the TITAN BY NORTAC™ solution. The HE5500 gives users of the TITAN BY NORTAC™ Platform the option of a dual mode (cellular & Iridium) vehicle tracking device which includes AES256 encryption. Nortac’s Defence and Government customers can use the HE5500 to securely report to their TITAN BY NORTAC™ Platform account and send and receive messages and alerts with other integrated devices. Keep your teams safer in dangerous and remote locations with the ability to send emergency alerts including the automatic identification and reporting of rollovers and impact detection.

Dual mode allows for the most cost effective air-time and continual coverage, regardless of location with options to set primary network as cellular or Iridium. However, Nortac are always keenly aware of operational limitations and have therefore included Iridium only options which can be imposed via the TITAN BY NORTAC™ Platform when OPSEC dictates avoidance of cellular connectivity.

As with all Nortac integrations, the HE5500 has been integrated to be able to report to the platform and to other Situational Awareness enabled devices and software, such as the NORTAC WAVE™(SA on the Wave is a subscription feature) and TITAN BY NORTAC™ Tactical (licensed software for SA and C2 access in the field). The HE5500 can also communicate with and raise alerts on other integrated devices, improving response readiness and operational efficiency.