Across a huge range of industries from live music and broadcasting to sports, there is nothing better than a heavy-duty, high-quality flight case to offer peace of mind when transporting your valuable gear across the world. At CP Cases we made our name with flight cases, and we have been designing them since 1971 when two semi-pro musicians got together to create a long-lasting rugged case they could rely on again and again.

Our flight cases are designed to last for decades – not months or years – and can withstand countless worldwide journeys thanks to their robust design. Every component is carefully selected to offer the highest standards of protection possible for your musical instrument or another piece of specialist equipment. Here we break down exactly what makes a reliable flight case, and explain why imitation products can never offer the same reassurance.

What are flight cases used for?

Most popularly associated with the music and touring industries, flight cases have a wide range of applications and can be used to transport sensitive electronic equipment with the minimum possible risk of shock damage. They are renowned for their durability, hard-wearing exteriors and expertly constructed riveting patterns that reinforce strength on every edge and corner.

Types of flight case

At CP Cases we manufacture two main types of flight case, each of which has its own strengths and specific benefits: · The ProCase is a superior quality case made from 9mm Finnish birch plywood which is reinforced with clench rivets and knuckleball corners making it near-indestructible. This heavy-duty option is relied upon by professionals across the globe and can be custom built to meet exact design requirements. · The T2 case is a lighter, stackable option made from laminated 6mm HPP, providing unrivalled protection for light and medium-weight equipment. Its zinc-plated steel corners and bifurcated rivets shield it against the elements and make it ‘drag proof’ and resistant to abrasion.

The elements of a high-quality flight case

There are many reasons why flight cases provide such reliable protection in all environments, but the main one is that painstaking research and precision engineering has gone into every inch of them – in order to offer the best possible defence against vibration, shock and impact.

Using the strongest possible wood

All our flight cases use Finnish birch combi WBP (water boiled proof) plywood. This is an exceptionally resilient material that can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, water and moisture for long periods of time.

This is then laminated with VF (vulcanised fibre), an external protective layer that gives each individual plywood panel extra strength and impact resistance. This combination of materials is often favoured by sports equipment manufacturers for items such as skis and skateboards which must show the highest level of resilience against a wide range of external forces.

Building robust corners

Strong corners truly underpin the reliability of a flight case – giving extra protection at a point which (in less well-constructed products) could have been vulnerable to impact damage or warping. Our ProCase uses knuckleball corners while the zinc-plated steel reinforced corners on the T2 case are designed to stack easily for added convenience.

Second-to-none riveting

Our ProCase is built using clech rivets (which are more secure than pop rivets) to reinforce all its edge sections. The panels of the T2 Case are secured together using bifurcated rivets, meaning that they are split into two parts, made from nickel-plated steel and providing additional protection.

Customised inner foam

Both options can be fitted with customised cushion protection made from high quality ‘closed cell’ polyethylene foam, the preferred choice across a range of industries including for medical and military equipment. This ensures it is protected to the highest possible level against any external force, as even the lightest amount can damage sensitive gear.

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