Tyron Runflat’s innovation in developing run flat solutions is further enhanced with the launch of the new All-Terrain Rubber (ATR) EasyFit. The new solution is designed to sit between Tyron MultiBands and full ATR-MP and ATR-SP all terrain rubber runflat systems currently supplied widely into the defence marketplace.The new ATR-EasyFit fills a significant gap in the market for lightweight rubber runflat solutions for light armoured vehicles running on 16” wheels right through to 22.5” wheels used on military and commercial logistics vehicles.“Lightweight 4×4 vehicles with standard wheels are used for multiple critical military and security applications including special forces, border guard and small logistics vehicles and trailers,” Peter Simson, Director, Tyron Runflat, said. “Many of these vehicles are operating with no protection against tyre strike or rapid deflation, leaving the occupants at risk.“The ATR-EasyFit is designed to give these vehicles a low-cost, simple to install safety boost that allows vehicles to keep moving following tyre deflation or puncture so that they can return to base safely.”The options for vehicles of this type were previously limited to MultiBands or full, multi-piece runflat systems. The ATR-EasyFit provides a new cost-effective, lightweight option for this vehicle profile, combining the mobility advantages of the multiband with the shock-absorbing benefit of rubber runflats.The system has a steel core for strength, with a rubber outer that gives protection against kerb strikes, road debris and uneven terrain. It is based on a carbon ratchet system to reduce weight, and its preconnected cabling design allows it to be fitted without specialist tools and equipment for simple fit and removal in the field.The ATR-EasyFit offers up to 50km runflat capability, allowing the vehicle to maintain mobility during and after a tyre strike event and continue moving to a place of safety with one or more tyres deflated.

To go with the new EasyFit system, Tyron will also be showcasing a new 18” high load Toyota LC300 wheel at Eurosatory 2022.