The new VPAM ERV (Explosion Resistant Vehicle) Version 3 norm for testing armoured vehicles’ capabilities of protecting occupants against IEDs etc. is creating a new context for the industry. With its human-like bone structure, the new Biofidelic Dummy literally shows what the energy levels of an under-vehicle explosion can do to passengers when the blast hits the underside of the vehicle.

TSS International BV and SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. collaborate to help improve the survivability of armoured vehicles, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. They do this by providing light-weight energy absorbing panels engineered to reduce tibia loads during under-vehicle blasts.

Proven to enhance vehicle protection levels from unacceptable to below 5.4kN of transferred energy, SKYDEX products reduce the chances of lower leg injury and increase blast event survivability.


  • Drop-in design for simple retrofit under the feet of the passenger (or Biofidelic dummy during ERV testing) in any armoured vehicle
  • Light-weight protection (less than 1kg per m2)
  • Simple to place and be safe

SKYDEX has fielded over 125,000 blast mats with 15+ years’ experience on leading vehicle platforms.

TSS International BV, as SKYDEX’ official European Distributor, has helped customers pass testing under the VPAM ERV 2007 norm and is at your disposal to discuss requirements for new ERV certification.

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