Veldeman is contributing in the fight against the coronavirus by deploying emergency facilities where needed. The company has built several triage tents for hospitals in which potentially infected patients are subjected to a first scan, outside the hospital.

Other solutions Veldeman is offering in the Covid-19 crisis includes:

  • Storage tents for those who are experiencing storage issues due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Extra workspace in order to comply with the requisite social distancing
  • Military shelters and hangars which can be used to accommodate aircrafts

Do you have a lack of storage space? A temporary storage tent can be the ideal solution. Veldeman’s temporary storage tents can be fully equipped with (emergency) exits, doorways, electricity, heating, lighting, and insulation. The tents can be easily installed at your own location, which offers a lot of logistical advantages. Under ideal conditions, 1,000m² a day can be built. These are just a handful of the many advantages the storage tents have to offer you.

The tent structures can also offer extra workspace, to ensure adequate distancing or for additional activities. They can be equipped with every conceivable comfort, such as flooring, insulation, locker spaces, HVAC, lighting, and water and electricity hook-up.

Veldeman’s military shelters and hangars are ideal for aircrafts that have to stay on the ground due to corona or for maintenance operations.

Team Veldeman is on hand to provide prompt temporary custom-built accommodation. With the extensive range of dimensions available, Veldeman’s tent structures can be fully tailored to the exact requirements.