The shopping and information habits of customers have changed fundamentally. In the digitalized business world, it is essential for companies to have their products online. Customers are given the opportunity to find them at any time and anywhere in the world and to filter them according to their individual needs. This development reflects the increasing demand for efficiency, time savings and personalized solutions. ODU, a leading international supplier of connectors, supports its customers in the search for specific products or solutions.

Instead of browsing through endless catalogs or websites, customers can find the connector they need with the help of the ODU Product Finder. At the same time, they receive a wealth of technical information such as data sheets, 3D data and assembly instructions to support the construction and design process and to make informed decisions.

Many companies need customized solutions to meet their specific needs. The wide range of filter options allows customers to configure their products according to individual wishes and requirements, be it the number of contacts, the locking, the cable assembly or other parameters. This ensures that the customer receives all the technical details for a product that is perfectly tailored to their needs. Particularly in the case of cable assembly, the interested party can easily and conveniently get from the respective plug to the appropriate assembly via a guided configuration. All you have to do is define the following three steps: Cable outlet (clamping nut, anti-kink sleeve or overmolding), cable (sheath material, shielding and connection cross-section) and assembly length.

Selected circular connectors with fast availability are also available on and through an extensive network of partners on websites such as as well as available. Traceparts allows you to download 3D data in over 70 different formats, matching your CAD software. The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line modular connectors are also available in various libraries such as EPLAN, Zuken and Cadenas is available for download as multi-CAD/CAE formats with a wealth of intelligent information.

The Product Finder can also be used to request free samples or order them from distributors such as Mouser and Digikey. It is precisely the use of online distributors that makes it possible to place orders at short notice. The response so far has been extremely positive and clearly confirms the importance of digital product search.