Plasan has been working hard creating new products over the last few years, and we are now proud to introduce our latest developments to the market.

The company operates both as a partner and supplier to several vehicle OEMs and integrators worldwide, and also develops whole system solutions. As a tier one supplier, Plasan works closely to integrate products and solutions into existing vehicles, as well as designing armoured vehicles on automotive platforms developed by partner OEMs.

These solutions cover all levels of protection from STANAG 1 and under, up to the most demanding levels 5 and 6 and counter-RPG protection. Plasan’s STANAG 4-6 solutions have been successfully integrated into some of the leading wheeled and tracked vehicles, achieving exceptionally high levels of protection at low weight and affordable cost. This includes high-level upgrades for both hulls and turrets.

Blast management solutions start with advanced FEA simulations to optimise the design of the protection system that employs a multi-layered approach of belly geometries, floating floors, footpads, and energy attenuating (EA) seats to protect the crew from under vehicle blasts without adversely affecting the ergonomics and mission requirements. When involved at the earlier design stages of a new vehicle, Plasan’s ability to balance the needs of ergonomics, design, engineering, ballistic and blast protection, and manufacturability have resulted in some of the most successful armoured vehicles of recent years, including the Navistar MaxxPro MRAP, Oshkosh M-ATV and JLTV, and Thales Hawkei to name but a few.

In recent years, Plasan expanded its activity to heavier armoured combat platforms, including 6×6, 8×8 and tracked fighting vehicles at weight levels up to 45 tonnes. Such armoured vehicles are required to withstand medium caliber cannon threat levels and maintain functionality. Plasan is already involved in the development of major AFV acquisition programs where its protection solutions are integrated at the vehicle design phase, where they offer the best advantages. Some of the countries Plasan is currently involved in new AFV developments include Denmark, Spain, Romania, Brazil, and Israel. Although all modern armoured vehicles are prepared to receive modular armour add-ons, Plasan’s involvement early in the design phase provides better overall protection, in a solution that is superior to the applique approach used in upgrades.

At LAAD 2019, Plasan is displaying a demonstrator rig that shows many of our latest solutions applied to a representative section of an APC. The company will be demonstrating how our blast solutions can be integrated into an APC design, whether wheeled or tracked. In addition to our blast and ballistic solutions, EA seats (including head-in / head-out driver’s seat), hatches, and liners, the rig also has a working demonstration of our MFA (multi-functional armour) with hit-detection integrated into the applique armour panels. This technology can upgrade any vehicle to one with cutting-edge embedded sensors, turning the armour into a sensitive skin to increase situational awareness for the soldiers inside.

SandCat-Stormer Family of Vehicles at LAAD 2019

The SandCat was first launched in 2005 and has evolved into a broad family of vehicles, fielded in over 16 countries across five continents. The Plasan SandCat is well-regarded and has a proven field-tested reputation for reliability, durability, safety, and mission flexibility. It has become the global standard which other light armoured vehicles strive to achieve.

Increased Mine-Protection

Now joining the range is the all-new SandCat M-LPV (Mine-resistant Light Patrol Vehicle) and the StormRider models, the first new vehicles which are based on Plasan’s 4th generation SandCat architecture.

The new armoured floor design achieves a higher level of underbelly mine protection without paying the usual price in weight and height. The SandCat M-LPV maintains the SandCat’s compact dimensions, easy access five-door design, and sub-10t GVW while adding STANAG 2a/2b mine protection for all eight occupants, while the StormRider is equipped with new independent suspensions, all-wheel-drive and integrated CTIS for caring 10 soldiers with uncompromised 4×4 tactical mobility for a sub-12t GVW.

Peripheral protection is modular and can be configured between STANAG 2 and STANAG 3 (or equivalent) subject to payload requirements. Firing ports permit the crew to fire their weapons from the safety of the protected cabin and the interior is designed to accommodate many different communications systems and other equipment. Two-zone air-conditioning is standard and options include an independent heater, NBC filtration, fire-suppression systems, situational awareness systems, and either manual or remote-controlled roof-mounted weapons.


The high attention to detail in design and ergonomics that is a trademark of the SandCat is, of course, continued on the new M-LPV and StormRider.

The classic SandCat look has been updated and now offers more opportunity for localised customisation.

New heavy-duty door-handles open the doors with an ease unheard of on armoured vehicles. Inside, dual combat-locks ensure that the doors stay safely closed, even after a blast event. Floating floors, footpads, and eight Energy Attenuating (EA) blast seats protect the occupants and even more importantly keep them comfortable over long missions.

The SandCat’s distinctive glass shapes are optimised for field of view and lightweight. In fact, the entire design is the result of optimising geometry and materials to maximise space, payload, and protection, and minimise weight.

The interior is well-insulated and spacious, designed specifically to accept integration of any equipment a user could need.

Low Cost of Operation

By using commercial components where possible, the SandCat Family of Vehicles offer capabilities usually reserved for very expensive military vehicles in a cost-effective package that has a well-proven reliable drivetrain, easily serviceable and with global support. Plasan can provide a full ILS package, providing training for users and technicians, and supporting the fleet locally. Other options include on-board diagnostics, digital user manual, and repair guides built into a touchscreen mounted in front of the commander.

The Evolution

The SandCat has built its reputation on quality, protection, design, and operational ability. The ALL NEW SandCat M-LPV and the StormRider are in sync with the latest requirements for a Light Armoured Tactical Vehicle according to NATO STANAG requirements and MIL standards.

The new SandCat M-LPV and StormRider are based on US and EU Driveline, Engine and a Combat Proven Survivability System, which are already present in hundreds of vehicles fielded and thousands of Plasan Survivability Systems deployed worldwide

In the new variants, you will find Plasan’s Past Experience in ‘Kitted-Hull’ Combat Proven Integrated Survivability Systems (ISS) at all protection levels defense and automotive systems with comprehensive knowledge of worldwide industry and military standards and regulations.

Plasan’s ‘Kitted Hull’ Design is ideal for local production and Transfer of Technology (ToT) to Latin America local industry – manufacturing, assembly, integration, maintenance, and service.

The new armoured SandCat M-LPV and StormRider are the fourth generation of the SandCat product line. The line has built its reputation on quality, design, and operational ability while providing a low cost of ownership, accomplished by:

  • Reliable 4×4 off-the-shelf driveline
  • SMART upgrade of automotive components and subsystems
  • Integrated ‘Kitted Hull’ armoured cabin into vehicle’s structure

The new StormRider is the latest member of the SandCat FoV and is built around the same rugged Ford components; the StormRider is engineered as a fully structural Monocoque, doing away with a ladder-frame chassis – 4×4 tactical armoured vehicles, independent suspensions and CTIS, 2a/2b Mine Protection and STANAG Level II/III all-round protection and provides increased payload capacity including AWD with differential locks integrated military capabilities.

The SandCat M-LPV and StormRider are built on the heritage of the only original SandCat. More than ever, the SandCat gets you to your mission, and brings you safely home.

Whether you are a vehicle OEM/integrator wanting to raise the level of your own products, or an end-user wanting comprehensive high-end protected solutions, Plasan has the technology, expertise, and products to answer your needs.