The Dantherm ACT 7 is our new, water-cooled split air conditioner for fast and effective cooling developed for air conditioning of on-site headquarters, and domestic data centres and electronics equipment.

This high-efficiency yet low-cost unit provides cooling in outside temperatures up to 36°C. The lightweight unit comes with wheels for flexible and easy installation.

The ACT 7 provides whole room cooling without the need to continually exhaust internal air thus no requirement for an exhaust air duct to an outside wall. This makes the ACT 7 very suitable for data centres and other permanent buildings. The heat reject unit can be placed up to 30m away from the indoor unit interconnected only by quick connect hoses.

Our new ACT 7 is the perfect choice for small-scale cooling when climate challenges are not demanding, and you need low-cost and effective cooling for both human comfort and to protect your electronics.

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