In today’s market customised products/ services are becoming more and more popular. Spanning across a majority of sectors, there is a growing need to stand out against your competitors and it seems that a custom offering is that lure.

Here at CP Cases Ltd, we pride ourselves on our customisation and more importantly on building that reliable bond between the business and our consumers. From our inception, the stand-out USP for us has been our customisation offering. We now have over 50 years of expertise in manufacturing and design to customer requirements; a badge we wear proudly.

This leaves us in a unique position against our competitors; with the added benefit of our designing and manufacturing all in-house. With customisation comes data, trends and most importantly buying habits which are always robust tools to have in your arsenal. Fitting to customers’ requirements builds that strong communication and helps us as a business not just understand the customer but also the markets they are based in.

Matching innovative design, patented technology and 50 years of expertise stand us in good stead.

We believe with a bespoke order, there is flexibility for the product to evolve over time to match the changing customers’ requirements. That is why we work together with our customers so that any material changes, re-design features, rigidity testing, or any other processes can be reviewed in an instant with custom resolutions.

Customer loyalty is important, especially within the sectors we work in. Products need to be reliable, high-performance and ready to be used within the operation it was made for. Retention of clients helps businesses in many ways, through loyalty, word of mouth and customer promotion. A powerful tool that can open doors to new prospects.

We have a great track record of retained clients within all of the sectors we supply too. We are pleased to have worked and are still working with big names in their market.

With the markets that we work within, especially Defence, Medical and Broadcast; customisation is a key component. The transportation of a vast range of items spanning from communication software, delegate equipment, to missiles… the list goes on. All of these components need customisation to create that perfect fit for ruggedised protection.