At CP Cases, we manufacture a range of cases using high-quality raw materials and customisable products. We have the flexibility to take standard designs and create bespoke solutions to meet our client’s needs. Extensive research is undertaken to ensure we provide the very best protection for our customer’s essential equipment.

Which product options are useful for equipment cases?

A large amount of our time is allocated to planning and designing our products to ensure that we’re producing the right products for our customers. At CP Cases, we have a wide range of product options available, including printing, labelling and branding, partitions and more. We’re constantly developing and refining our product range – pioneering the most effective preventative solutions for weather resistance, water ingress, rough handling and severe impact.

Innovation is key in the production of our products. We strive to continuously innovate by adding new and improved features to our range that bring added value and increased performance to our cases. Our strong focus on attention to detail enables us to fully comprehend the client’s precise product requirements, informing our decision on the design process and giving us the opportunity to provide the right solution.

Custom partitions and dividers for equipment cases

To complement our extensive range of cases, we offer a bespoke partitioning and divider service. This feature is designed to segregate and protect valuable products and equipment. Partitions can be produced using computer-controlled equipment to meet your specific needs – from the segregation of rifles to the protection of intricate medical equipment. Precise drawings are translated into cut partitions that slot together to accurately house and protect your equipment. Partition systems are available for all our protective case types, including our plywood flight cases.

There are many great features in our custom partitions. They’re lightweight, space-saving and are made using hard-wearing material for maximum protection. Partitions and dividers are also interchangeable should your requirements change. These product features work to enable you to get the best value out of the product and accurately protect your equipment.

Printing, labelling and branding for custom-made cases

We offer our customers protective packaging that not only makes your equipment instantly recognisable but also reinforces a positive image of your company. Our printing, labelling and branding service is a low-cost yet effective method of getting high-value returns in presentation and recognition. Our clients can utilise a range of options, including silk screen printing, engraved labels and sewn-on badges to personalise cases, racks or bags with their unique branding.

There are many appealing features in our printing, labelling and branding service. Labels can be applied to cases manufactured in laminated plywood, aluminium and plastics. If you require branding and labelling on bags or textile products, multicolour embroidery, screen printing or rubber labels can be utilised to create a brand image. Our team of experts will advise you on the most suitable material to brand your equipment to make it instantly identifiable.

External finishing options for cases

We have a wide variety of external finishing available for our cases. Our cases and 19-inch racks are available in a variety of construction materials, including aluminium rigidised aluminium, laminated plywood and plastics. Each material offers a wide range of finishes to match your exact requirements in terms of appearance and functionality.

There are numerous styles of external finishes to customise your cases and provide full protection for your equipment. Aluminium cases and racks produced in plain or rigidised aluminium can be coated with a range of surface finishes, including powder coating, wet painting and anti-reflective finishes. Plywood cases and racks are produced with the highest quality Finnish birch plywood and can be laminated with high-pressure laminate (HPE) in black, royal blue, dark green, mid grey or light grey. We ensure that there’s a variety of options available to our clients to customise their products to specific needs, along with providing excellent customer service.

Adding custom wheels, handles and locks

We offer a wide range of fittings and options for our cases, bags and 19-inch racks. From wheels and handles to locks and pressure values, our designers and engineers can advise you on the exact features required for your protective equipment. Our design engineers use their wealth of knowledge of materials and production processes to advise you on the most suitable fittings for your protective equipment, depending on the weight and size of your contents. For example, options for plywood flight cases include handles, catches, hinges, locks and wheels. Whereas pressure relief valves are more fitting for aluminium cases.

We offer fittings on our custom-designed bags such as Velcro or zip closures, label pouches, and swivel hooks. All of the fittings we offer are designed to provide the highest level of sophistication to protect your products.

At CP Cases, we endeavour to provide our clients with the highest quality service by taking standard designs and transforming them into new and bespoke solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our friendly team will be happy to help.